Farms and Orchards Operation Management

We cooperate with vast number of successful and pioneer companies, employing a diverse team of highly trained and experienced specialists in order to provide an integrated management approach in planning, implementation, analysis, training and evaluation in Agriculture sector.

In many cases projects that, on paper, should work, fail simply because they lack the process of integration between designers and strategists and those who need to implement the project on the ground. In PARSCROP we offer a diverse range of services and expertise, in:

  • Agronomy and Production Systems
  • Water Resource Management
  • Natural Resource Management
  • Land Sustainability and Capability Assessments
  • Project Management and Development
  • GIS/dGPS Consulting

Agronomy and Production Expertise

Our experienced team is committed to the planning, design and implementation of practical, efficient and environmentally sustainable production systems. PARSCROP’s highly skilled, practical staff can provide expertise in:

  • Production Systems Design
  • Harvest Systems Design
  • Greenfield Site Development
  • New Crop Development
  • Soil Management
  • Intensive Crop and Environmental Monitoring
  • Integrated Crop Management
  • Integrated Pest Management
  • Crop Scheduling
  • Training
  • Sustainable Production systems Design

Water Resource Management

Our experienced team is committed to the planning, design and implementation of practical, efficient and environmentally sustainable agricultural water resource development. Our highly skilled, practical staff can provide expertise in:

  • Irrigation Systems Design (Pivot, Linear Move, K-line, Orchard Micro-Spray, Overhead, Traveler, etc.)
  • Irrigation Scheduling
  • Water Resource Audits
  • Waste Water/Recycled Water Development Schemes
  • Water Development Plan Projects (Government-Driven)
  • Practical Understanding of Environmental Issues Pertaining to Water Resource and Irrigation Development

Natural Resource Management

Our diverse teams of experienced specialists provide an integrated approach to incorporating good environmental and resource management into productive farming systems. We provide a range of natural resource management services including:

  • Property Management Planning Services
  • Environmental Management Plans
  • Rehabilitation Plans
  • Soil and Land Management Advice e.g. Salinity, Sodicity
  • Land Capability Assessments
  • Weed Management Plans
  • Threatened Flora and Fauna Assessments

Land Sustainability and Capability Assessments

Detailed land capability/soil survey work is the essential first step in the establishment or expansion of existing production systems. Our highly skilled, practical staff can provide expertise in:

  • Environmental and Irrigation Feasibility Studies
  • Agricultural Capability Assessments and Recommendations
  • Detailed Soil Surveying
  • Soil Testing (Ag)
  • GIS/dGPS Future Planning and Production Design
  • Drainage Management Plans
  • Soil Fertility Advice
  • Soil Management with Recycled Water Use
  • Salinity and Sodicity Management
  • Natural Resource Management

Project Management and Development Expertise

  • Large-Scale Project Management in Horticulture and Agriculture
  • Operational, Resource and Business Management Advice
  • Operational Management
  • Quality Management Systems Under ISO
  • Staff Management
  • Supply Chain Management and Export
  • Contractor Management and Administration
  • Reporting and Data Management Systems
  • Internal Reporting Systems
  • Strategic Planning
  • Feasibility Studies to Attract External Funding for New Horticultural and Farm Ventures

GIS/dGPS Consulting

Mapping and spatial information is a fundamental management tool used for agriculture, environmental and water resource management. Our highly skilled team of professionals are able to offer a full range of surveying services integrated with GIS to provide solutions for acquiring and adding value to spatial information, specifically in agriculture. Services include:

  • Detailed Enterprise Mapping and Layouts
  • dGPS Surveying and Contour Mapping
  • Centre Pivot Design and Layouts
  • Mapping for Enterprise Development
  • Extensive GIS Database of Agricultural and NRM layers for Iran
  • Acquisition of Geographic Data
  • Aerial Photo Ortho-Rectificaiton
  • Remote Sensing
  • Full Range of Map Printing Services